I am so honored you have made it here, just as you are.

My name is Meghan.

I work with all who self identify as she/her/hers, who want to experience the feminine quality of nature and that same energy within themselves. The feminine and masculine, and all in between, are all parts of ourselves, a fluid blending and dancing. 

I work with those who are ready to take the courageous steps to ignite and transform pain into a place of embodied freedom of expression. Those who are ready to longer be held down by the heaviness of past wounds. 

I have spent years working in women’s groups and with troubled teens, boys and girls, who have been impacted by trauma. I have heard hundreds of heartbreaking stories of youth trauma in assault, abuse, and rape. Which then statistically leads to suicidal thoughts & attempts, eating disorders, stories of shame and guilt, unhealthy patterns in attachment styles, and a passive voice. The youth I have worked with have been offered a chance to immediately start intentionally processing trauma shortly after it occurs.

Then, I had an ah-ha realization…

How many of us as adults have also lived horrific and painful stories? Remember the #metoo movement? There were astounding numbers. The majority of us didn’t have access to immediately process those events in our youth or young adults lives. In order to function, it may have been buried. And, though many of us have functional adult lives now, trauma STILL affects the subconscious and still affects how we relate in our world through habitual patterns, relationship styles, confidence, and lack of voice. It’s one thing to tell your story, and the next step to transform that story into medicine rather than victimization.

Many magical individuals I know are the ones who have had significant trauma, who courageously surfaced it from their subconscious, and honored it. In the honoring, is empowerment, to reclaim yourself as sovereign, magical, innately beautiful in all the scars. They took the pain and said ‘fuck no’, to allowing it to swallow them. Instead, they transformed it into beneficial medicine.

You can do that too. 

And, you aren’t alone in the process.

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