• Meghan Letts

The Message from the Snake

Before bed each night I ask my guides to send me the messages that I need to receive. Sometimes these messages are very clear, sometimes they are metaphor. There are some dreams that are simply dreams. I feel these ones are distinct, as they usually have a reference to the days events and characters I had seen throughout my waking hours. There are other dreams too. These are the ones that are full of symbol, vivid, yet mysterious. Tangible, and yet, slip through the water does if you try to hold it.

In this dream I was walking through my backyard. I am lucky enough to live on two acres worth of gardens and farm land that's surrounded by a desert canyon. I stood in the yard and noticed a snake moving through the grass. I stepped to the side to allow it to pass by as they usually do. However, this one turned towards me. It was not rushing. It was moving with ease and confidence, direct. I started walking towards my home. It followed.

I thought, could it be that this snake is following me? I tried to walk faster. Instead, I was now crawling on all fours. Trying to crawl faster, but I was in slow motion. The snake was at my heels. I was afraid it might be a rattle snake. We have plenty of those in the desert.

A message came through. I do not know if it was from the snake or elsewhere.

It questioned, "Why are you trying to get away? Why do you assume it will hurt you? What if you stop, with curiosity, and see what happens rather than running? Wait for it."

I paused & watched for the snake to come closer.

Then, I woke up.

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