• Meghan Letts

I am restless.

I am restless.

The walls of this apartment are far too constraining. I need to flow of air and the elements of the wilderness. I need occasional cold winter toes, and the hot desert summers where there is no escape from the sun.

I enjoy the discomfort that nature offers. I find comfort in this discomfort.

It gives me a sense of ease to be in my own wild nature. To know the capabilities of my body and mind.

I am always in a sense, restless.

To see, to explore more. Most happy in roaming.

Most happy with dirt on my skin.

Most happy with bathing in the Colorado River.

Most happy laying to dry on a warm rock.

There is a wildness within me. I am learning to give it voice and expression.

I am allowing the wildness to be expressed through movement- running through wooded and desert trails. Flowing with the curves of the landscape.

Running is where I find freedom. It’s where the inner animal can come out and shine.

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