• Meghan Letts

I am from.

I am from the forest, the trees. Where golden sunlight glows through the leaves.

Where fairies shine and shimmer. The woods smell of pine sap.

The woods are deep, spacious, and green.

I am from the rolling green hills, the mountain peaks that rise like castles.

I am from the rivers and streams where sunlight reflects golden ripples.

Where water is cool, pure, and light. Playful as it graces past my body, dancing through my hair.

I am from where rivers explore, winding and weaving through the lands. Cutting and making their way to the ocean’s grace.

I am from seaside cliffs hidden in the mist where the breaking waves greet and kiss.

I am from this world and more. I am from the things unseen, where timelessness reigns and stories connect.

I am from this time, and times far before. I am from ageless mystery.

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