• Meghan Letts

To Dance is to Connect, to Surrender, to Open to Grace

Written 2016, Halloween Night

All dressed up dancing in an ocean of people. I could sense his familiar presence moving through the crowd before I saw him. Eye contact, touch, breath, movement. The rest is a blur. I was taken into another realm of presence in existence. There was no past, no future, no capability to even think outside of what was occuring. Tunnel vision for the man who was shining bright dancing in front of me, completely enveloped in one another’s eyes. A connection of bodies entangled, smiling, laughing, making out, tousled hair, dancing through the crowd. Each touch sent flashes of light through my body like fireworks taking off through my entire being. Nothing existed outside of our bodies rhythmically rolling around the dance floor.

Not long after, I left for India. He left for Thailand, but not before leaving a single rose at my doorstep for me to find after. I haven’t seen him since we left the country. We went on our way, on our individual paths with stories to share and tokens of appreciation. We had the plan to meet somewhere along they way but never did.

To live passionately alive is to surrender the instantaneous feeling of the heart opening up to possibilities and sensing into the present moment. It’s a moment of pure connection in the Now. It’s being able to love fully regardless of outcomes, without the story of the story of the past, without the shoulds, without the future promises. It is a place of reflection, of gratitude, of learning, of allowing, and moving forward with grace and a receptive heart. In presence there is no more care about the uncertainty or potential risks of heartache. There is no more care in knowing what comes next because it’s aligned with exactly what needs to happen in order to grow, expand, heal, & live fully into the gift of life.

This is what I continue to do, at least, I do my best. Many things are easier said than done when dealing with the vulnerability of the heart. It doesn’t change the passionate way I choose to express my love and affection. I remain uninhibited. I will ruffle some feathers, and live in a way that is expansively open. Not everyone will agree with me or appreciate me. That’s okay.

Because, those who can match my fire, are the ones seen dancing with me.

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