• Meghan Letts

A love letter to the wilderness

My heart aches when I am away from you, the same heartache I feel when I am far away from a lover. When I am with you I think of nothing but the beauty of the present moment. When I am with you, I am not separate from you. I melt into your rolling hills, I become the particles of water that dance down your rivers, my spirit is light in your winds. Connection so deep, so ancient, that no words can describe the calling. I melt into your night skies, stars that sparkle and serenade me to sleep, your earth as my bed.

The morning after my hair is tangled in a wild mess from your playful winds and smells like sticky sap. I pull out small twigs of pine needles, sweet reminders of laying on my back staring up at the passing clouds that transition into the rising moon.

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