A place...

To unlearn. To re-learn. To surrender the need to control. To adventure into the depths of passion, play, aches, and pains.

A place...

To flourish. To release the binds. To rewild your spirit. To open up your pounding playful heart.

A place...

To gather. To find strength within the communion of togetherness.

To witness each other transform & awaken.

Rise. Wild & Wise.


To circle is a simple act of coming together to speak and hear from the heart to create connection. Through the spaciousness of the simplicity of being in nature comes the magic, the woven mysticism, and metaphor of nature’s voice. 

Within the circle all are held as sovereign, equal beings of value and importance. who hold a unique offering.

This gathering is one that is held in utmost sacredness. We arrive in full presence, open to receive from the Divine nature of the wilderness. We arrive in a place ready to receive with open heart, open ears, and open vision. We hold nature in reverence, love, and awe.

It is here where we reveal our vulnerability, our pain, our story. This is a safe place where stories are heard without judgement, where assumptions are asked to stay home. Where there is safety, is limitless potential.

The circle we create together is one that has a free flowing life of its own within a themed container. We set the intention and allow the process to naturally unfold in the way that is of benefit. In allowance, comes possibility, surprise and delight for what arises out of the collectiveness of the group as a whole. In surrender, is magic. When we release control of outcome and direction, we release into the mystical unknown, a place where nature begins to orchestrate.

In doing this, we learn when to step back and allow, and when to step forward and initiate with discernment.


Upcoming Gatherings


Calling in the Presence of Nature's Voice: A Practice in Stillness and Movement

Date: Postponed due to Covid. Looking towards August, TBA.
Limited to six participants.

This gathering assist us in deepening our embodied sensitivity to nature in a way that raises our awareness to meet the wilderness where it is at, rather than attempting to meet the wild based on our conditioned societal based perceptions & projections.

Together, we will be re-wilding, and reprogramming how we receive information from our natural environment. That way we can create a collaborative relationship with our surroundings in how we walk on this earth.

Movement practices will assist in releasing held tension in the body to further open the physical and subtle body as a clear channel. 

  • Create a relationship of receptivity between yourself & nature.

  • Experience using your body & heart as a conduit to receive the messages of nature.

  • Guided yoga & movement practices that ground & prepare the body to be openly receptive.

  • Gain knowledge in how movement releases tension and stored trauma in the body. 

  • Nature connected solo journey & process circle.

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