I claim who I am.

I invite you to do the same.


I strive to live in the flow of my feminine fluidity, sharing vulnerable slabs of my heart & story.  By no means am I neutral or watered down. I am a multifaceted & multi dimensional human. I walk in both worlds of the light and the dark, and of earth and cosmos. I am intellectual, partnered with a heart centered intuition and approach.

My essence is that of fairy like lightness and play. There is an energy of inner pureness.  A listener to both the plant world and that of the stars.

I describe myself as having the charm of the Southern belle, the sass of a Philadephian, and the wildness that’s reflected in the Colorado landscape. All the places that have shaped who I am today. 

My body, heart, and spirit is made up of stories of my lifetime, and lifetimes before. 

My path has never been a straight clean line. Instead, it twists and turns like the rivers moving through the mountains, sometimes it meets blockages, sharp bends. Sometimes the current moves swift and at times there seems to not be enough water for the flow. My life has been raw, with rugged terrain to venture upon, with scenic views and colorful sunsets. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

My mantra: “Thankful that life isn’t boring.” 

All the  messy twists, blocks, and turns have created a masterpiece of art. They have created me, perfectly as I am in my humanness. Always learning. Always seeking. 

This wild ride of life has been my medicine and nature has been the teacher. 

It’s in nature that I feel my true self. I feel the parts of me that know the woods, plants, deserts, mountains, and cosmos more than anything else. It’s a depth that feels ancient to my bones and blood. The voice of nature is encoded into me. A mystic softness that dances within my heart, a voice that isn’t heard, but felt on a visceral level that words can’t begin to describe. 

Above all, I choose nature. For nature is my divine partner. To be immersed in nature, is to touch heaven.


The Credentials:

I have worked closely with a combination of over 130+ teenage girls, teenage boys, and women who struggle with suicidal urges, eating disorders, meth/heroine addictions, and various other situations. These patterns are often a symptom of rape, assault, abandonment, and abuse.  I work with youth advocacy in LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied). I have served as a doula & prenatal yoga instructor within the city of Philadelphia as an advocate for the women's voice in her birth choices and her body.

  • Master's Contemplative Practices of Eastern Religions, Naropa University

  • Currently, Master's Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Counseling, Naropa University

  • Nature Based Guide/Coach, The Earth Based Institute

  • Birth Arts International Doula Trained

  • Youth Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide

  • RAMA Institute Aquarian Women's Leadership Society

  • Professional Mentor/Guide for Troubled Youth & Suicide Intervention

  • Mentor/Guide Boulder County Jail Women's Addiction Recovery

  • Cooper University Research Hospital Addiction Unit, Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness Program

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor


Dear One,

Your discovery of empowerment through trauma, is a discovery of freedom beyond what you could ever fathom to be possible.

I speak from the experience of my own journey into the depths.

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