You are made of both earth and stars. Your brilliance can never be diminished.


Dear Beloveds,

This offering is one that is held by nature. A place where the wilderness outside of ourselves meets  the wilderness within ourselves. We are inherently connected to nature. It is a voice that we can deeply attune to. Our body knows the voice of nature, and it is always speaking to us. It’s a matter of slowing down, listening, and inviting it in the subtle energetics of nature.

This is open to those who self identify as a woman and want to connect to feminine energy of nature. For those who have had experiences that have shut down their body and heart. This offering is one that gently assist in the reopening and the expansion of your divine heart. This is a place to reconnect with your body, your essence, and your resilient grace.

With Love, Meg

Photo Credit: @Corbettjulia @lotuswomyn


"From the moment I first met Meghan, I fell in love with her easy smile and open heart. She has a unique and powerful connection to the natural world and the divine feminine that shines through the essence of her teaching.  If you have the chance to sit with her, take it!  Not only will you get incredibly inspired and learn a lot, you will also make a new friend who authentically cares."

Anonymous Sister in Boulder, CO


Touch the earth. Give her your heartbreak. Give her your tears. Breathe in her life force that she is so happily wanting to share with you.

Photo Credit: @corbettjulia @lotuswomyn



To be connected to nature is to experience the fertility of life, the constant creation and destruction of life, and to move within the flow of natural seasonal cycle as we experience the depth of the art that surrounds us everyday. It is in this heart space that we realize this natural world is our ally. Your depth of feeling, depth of sensitivity, and depth of heartache, is the source of connection to the subtler realms of this world, a connection to all that is nature. To be partnered with nature is to attune to its cycles and its voice. It is the opportunity to discover healing through our connection with the earth, the sky, and the cosmic forces.


The purpose of life is to simply be human, at home in our skin, in our bodies, in this lifetime so that we can take the voice of love within us and move it out into the world. We gather to deconstruct the cycle of victimization, to break the chains that bind our hands, and strain our voice. To reclaim our innate power of our sovereign bodies, mind, and spirit. To have the voice to say , ‘no more’ to what no longer serves, and ‘hell yes’ to what serves us and the greater collective. We come together to encourage one another to reveal the hidden parts of our hearts and psyches. In this revealing,  is a discovery of freedom, confidence, resilient strength, radiance, sensuality, and a sense of lightness. *Photo by @Corbettejulia

"Meghan has a distinctly sweet and caring presence, which contributes beautifully to the sacred space she holds through her sessions. I could not recommend her services more to any individual well on their path, who is interested in further exploring ways to integrate nature’s wisdom into their life. Meghan’s offering is one of a kind, truly authentic, and deeply moving. What I experienced with Meghan through her skillset and connection to nature’s voice was a translation from the unspoken wisdom of nature, to clarity in how I can apply this wisdom in my life. Meghan helped me strip away superfluous influences that were preventing me from making choices to fully align with my potential."

Anonymous Sister in Asheville, NC

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